Our Capabilites

Equipment Condition Monitoring

Continuous monitoring of equipment condition is vital to identify developing faults prior to becoming an immediate concern. Through the use of vibration analysis, oil analysis, thermography and process monitoring on a periodic basis, a complete assessment of the current equipment condition can be determined. When faults are found, they are analyzed and subsequently assessed for criticality. The fault is monitored closely until an appropriate time when the equipment can be repaired with minimal impact on operation, safety, or downtime.

Vibration Fault Troubleshooting

Through years of experience combined with state of the art test equipment, we are able to take on any equipment vibration related situations that may be encountered. As a result we are able to diagnose and supply solutions for multitudes of vibration issues including (but not limited to) bearing faults, misalignment, imbalance, motor stator or rotor faults, worn belts or sheaves, mechanical looseness or rubs, flow deficiencies in pumps and fans, objectionable external mechanical noise and much more.

PdM Cost Benefit Analysis

In order to determine whether a predictive maintenance program would be justified for our clients, we can provide an in depth cost-benefit analysis. The analysis will highlight the expenses incurred while incorporating a predictive maintenance program and the savings produced by sources like; reduction in lost production, reduced maintenance costs, less likelihood of secondary damage, reduced inventory, extended equipment life and improved product quality.

Commissioning & Acceptance Testing

When purchasing and/or installing new equipment, commissioning and acceptance testing is often necessary. Identifying areas of concern can be effective for getting the suppliers support if a reliability problem is encountered down the road. Vibratec is able to assist clients by developing specific acceptance criteria and specifications for new and rebuilt machinery.

PdM Program Set-Up

A comprehensive predictive maintenance (PdM) program can improve plant safety and reliability through early detection of equipment problems. If a program is not set up with clear objectives and goals in mind, program outcome expectations may not be properly met or it may become difficult to justify the expense of the program. We can help work out an effective program that brings the costs and performance related issues to a positive solution. This requires cooperative effort of operators, maintenance and management addressing each of their values and objectives. Vibratec will work with all parties to build a clear and well-defined predictive maintenance program.


It is more feasible for many companies to incorporate their own on-site predictive maintenance and vibration analysis programs. With our years of experience in many industries using many different types of software and hardware, Vibratec is an excellent source for training employees on a new vibration analysis system. We will perform on-site training, on a one on one or workshop format, with clients equipment. We are able to create customized course agendas to meet each client's specific needs.


Did you know?

That 90% of Bearing Failures follow a known and trendable vibration pattern.

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