Our Mission

We here at Vibratec are constantly striving to produce the best reliability and predictive maintenance services possible to our clients.

We intend to continue to help clients make the most of reliability engineering and predictive maintenance techniques and maintain our position as the foremost vibration analysis and dynamic balancing company in British Columbia.

Our History

Tribotec International Ltd. was founded in October, 1980 by Dr. Albert Koehler, Pd. D., P.Eng. in Port Moody BC to provide consulting engineering services for industrial operations, with a special focus on rotating equipment and lubrication problems. The name Tribotec was chosen as a reference to the engineering science of tribology, a word created in 1961 to represent the study of lubrication, friction and wear.

The company became active in 1984 and was initially involved in tribological engineering including failure analysis. Due to the relation between friction, lubrication and wear, vibration analysis was also used as an assessment tool.

From a one-man engineering enterprise, Tribotec expanded quickly and hired more engineers. Soon the major workload shifted from the special field of tribology to the strong demand for Maintenance Engineering, Reliability Engineering and Vibration Analysis.

As a result of the workload shift, in 1998, Tribotec International split into two companies; Tribotec International Ltd. which maintained much of the tribology consulting end of the field and Vibratec Management Inc. which was formed to focus on the more specific reliability engineering and vibration analysis needs of the clients.

In 2002, Dr. Koehler left from Vibratec to pursue more of a career in education and sold Vibratec to Jeff Boulter, the current owner of Vibratec Management Inc.

Within a year of possession of Vibratec, Jeff acquired a business called Precision Balancing which dealt with on-site dynamic balancing of machinery. Due to the close relationship between dynamic balancing and vibration analysis the two companies were combined to form Vibratec Management Inc. & Precision Balancing, which is the company that remains today.



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