Our Capabilites

Oil Sampling

Proper oil sampling is critical to an effective oil analysis program. Without a representative sample, further oil analysis endeavors are futile. Vibratec has the experience and know-how to take samples that will maximize on data and minimize sources of error.

Oil Analysis (Reporting)

Oil analysis offers unique insight into abnormal lubrication and machine conditions. These abnormalities, if left undetected, usually result in catastrophic failures and lost production. Vibratec can assess oil sample test results and provide an in depth explanation of equipment condition to help prevent possible down time and failures.

Contamination Troubleshooting

Oil contamination such as dirt, water and chemicals can have many sources. It is often difficult to determine the sources of contamination and/or the specific type of contamination that is occurring. Vibratec is able to provide probable contamination types based on spectrography results and equipment environment as well as possible ingress points and methods for reducing oil contamination in the future.

Oil Analysis Program Set-Up

By establishing the criticality of equipment and subsequently determining the most effective sample points and analysis methods, Vibratec can help your company to develop a custom oil analysis program that is most suitable for your company's needs.

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